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Kim Strong - West Island Guitar Lessons 

Crazy Jack Music Production

Kim's Corner

When it comes to guitar, Kim truly believes that the magic comes from your heart, your head, and your hands, and that players shouldn't be overly focused on thier gear.

Concentration should be on study, practice, and playing.

That being said, at a certain point in time, the little things like gear, and gear tweeking, start making a difference.

Over the years, upgrades and thoughtful adjustments, however small, have contibuted to Kim's sound today.

Here is an outline of Kim's guitar rig...

For many years Kim's "go to" guitar has been a 1982 white Stratocaster. It's a beautiful vintage instrument with natural wear showing the years Kim has gigged with it. Kim loves the sound of the Strat's single coil pick ups and feels he can express himself better with this than any other hard body guitar.

Recently Kim has aquired a Godin Progression. He loves this new guitar, especially the fact that it is lighter weight than his Fender Strat. Years of having a guitar strapped around his neck has made this a real asset! The Progression has the familiar Strat sound that Kim loves, as well as some new ones.

His third guitar is another Strat.

It's set up with heavier strings to facilitate his open G tuning for playing slide.

A PedalTrain guitar effects pedal board holds Kim's power supply and various effects.

The design quality and fuctionality of PedalTrain made it an easy choice for Kim. He particularly likes the way it holds the power supply underneath and out of the way.

The PedalTrain houses a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 supply. It has eight isolated power lines that provide a clean sound as well as preventing ground loop hum from occuring.

Following the signal flow, the pedals are...

1) Modded Cry Baby Wah

2) Korg Pitch Black chromatic tuner

3) An Analog Man modded Ibanez Tube Screamer. This pedal recently received a true bypass mod.

4) Xotic AC Booster

5) Custom Audio Electronics (MXR) Line Drive/Booster

6) Fulltone Deja Vibe

7) Fulltone Supa-Trem Tremalo

8) TC Electronics Flashback Delay

Every Effect in the signal path is True Bypass (no signal buffering is being used at this time.) Kim's rig is wired together, to and from the pedalboard, with George L cables. The pedalboard itself is also custom wired with George L cables and plugs. As it is now, all cabling is relatively short, so there is no apperant loading doen of the signal, making a signal buffer unnecessary. 

Kim uses a Fender American Blues Deluxe amplifier. It has a quite rare tolex covering as opposed to the more common tweed. He uses two KT66 Pwer Amp tubes, instead of the 6L6's normally used with this type of amp.

This amp still has it's original pre-amp tubes from the 90's. For larger venues the 12 inch speaker in this amp is usually miked up and run through a P.A. system.

Contact Us

Kim Strong

Phone: 514-268-3902

Email: [email protected]

Unless otherwise stated, all original photography by Lola Bourget

photography and website inquiries : [email protected]